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About Us

Jimmy Zee's Distributors

With over 30 years of experience, Jimmy Zee's Distributors has established a strong presence in more than 4500 Independent Retail Stores and National Chains across Canada and the USA. Our extensive range of products includes over 2000 items, including Retro Candy, Tik Tok Trending Items, and those hard to find Unique Gifts for Men. We also offer licensed products such as Harley Davidson, NHL, and CFL.

We are excited to announce the return of some of the most popular retro candy items, including Maple Buds, Rosebuds, Old Fashioned Flat Taffy, and Astro pops to name a few. Dam Tasty Beavers, Mr. Moose Moose Cakes, and Warped Candy Toys are some of our brands that are selling well in stores. In addition, our Down Under Australian Style Licorice offers a taste that will bring your customers back for more.

As camping is expected to be a big again this year, we invite you to explore our extensive range of camping gear and summer fun products.

Our website features helpful videos and a special tool to assist you with your social media pages. Log in to our site to learn more.

At Jimmy Zee's, if it's hot, we've got it!


Jimmy Zee's is looking for new products especially Items Made in Canada, if you have a product that you need to get to the market, contact us see if we can help you.

Why the Guitar? Jimmy Zee is a well know Canadian musician, check out the tunes with the link on the site.

Jimmy Zee's Distributors Inc
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Phone :1-866-414-8404
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USA Warehouse:

IPS/A and A Custom Contract Brokers

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